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4 wheel drive club in Prescott, Arizona. Our mission 1. promote the sport of off-road driving through four wheeling events 2. increase owner's knowledge and enjoyment of their 4x4 vehicles and driving ability. Our Goals: The number one club goal is to go off-roading and enjoy the great outdoors from our off-road machines. The number two club goal is to offer the shared knowledge of those with mechanical experience to help those who would like to learn more about their trucks. We accomplish this through the use of wrench sessions. We incorporate as many of the styles of four wheeling into our club activites as we can so as to allow participation of members with varying sizes and styles of 4x4 vehicles, be it trail riding, mud bogging, snow runs, rock crawling, or baja sand duning. We are a non-profit organization founded in September, 2000, and are recognized as an official student group of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, Arizona, Approximately 95% of our membership attend or are employed by ERAU. We support (in spirit, lacking financial abundance) the ideals of the Tread Lightly Program and the goals of United Four Wheel Drive Association. Requirements for membership: 1. an interest in four wheel drive vehicles 2. an interest in off-road driving. Ownership of said 4x4 vehicle is NOT a requirement nor is enrollment as a student of ERAU. Meetings are held only as necessary to keep the membership abreast of current issues when a group email isn't appropriate. Inactive members and posers are shunned or removed from the club at the descretion of the officers or assemblage of members constituting a quorum.

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Prescott Valley,AZ 86314